What is G3?
G3 is a social event for gay men and their friends that takes place every third Friday of the month (hence "G3") from 5:00 to 9:00PM at a different location each time.  It's the perfect way to finish up the work week, get together with friends and meet new people. If you are new to town, or visiting, G3 is a great introduction to Tucson.

What kinds of locations does G3 take place in?
We seek out unique Tucson venues like trendy downtown nightclubs, newly opened restaurants, upscale resorts, special event venues, theme locales (and the occasional dive). This makes every G3 different from the last.

Besides the venues, what else makes G3 events special?
We bring in extra touches. Things like lighting, additional decor, drink specials and tie-ins with beverage companies, food options, music and entertainment. So, depending on the venue, it might have a country-western flair or a sleek urban vibe. What remains consistent is a great crowd and a welcoming, relaxed environment to hang out in.

Why doesn't G3 take place at gay bars?
Gay bars are available for after work socializing every day of the year. What we provide is a once-a-month alternative at gay-friendly venues. 

Who can go?
G3 welcomes everyone 21 years and over --- regardless of gender, identity and/or orientation. 

How are the events announced?
After each G3 we announce the date of the next one on the website and facebook page so you can "mark your calendar," but we keep the location a mystery for a couple more weeks. Then we send out an email to our list and put all the details on our website and facebook page.  

Who is the G3 Team?
It takes a bunch of dedicated people to put G3 together. Out team consists of Brian Fluery, Curt Beall, Dave Goff, George Vissichelli, Matt Cady, Randy Branca, Ricky Harrison and Dave Ealy. G3 is produced by Pete King.